Campaign’s Impact

Connecting Science & Engineering to Humanities:
A Requisite for the Next Decade of Development

Our world needs more scientists and engineers who combine science and engineering disciplines with that of humanities and social sciences, and the value of sustainability. Imagine an Armenia in which our smartest scientists and engineers develop resilient systems of agriculture, self-sustained energy solutions, pollution-free transportation, and the engineering advances needed to support a value-based circular economy. To do this, we need collaboration across disciplines and colleges to discern a bigger picture of the problems and increase diversity of solutions. 

The AUA Science and Engineering Building, the AUA Humanities and Social Sciences Building, and the AUA Arts Building will therefore be designed to bring together students and faculty from all disciplines and perspectives, providing traditional disciplinary space for teaching, research, and outreach, together with transdisciplinary opportunities with other colleges. This will boost creativity and constructive solutions and add attraction for collaboration with both public and private sectors with increased national economic performance. 

Together, we will build a better Armenia!

AUA Prepares the Workforce for Armenia