AUA Students & Alumni Succeed In The Workplace


Anush Muradyan (BAB ’25)
Armenian Society of Los Angeles - Caro Minas Scholarship
Robert and Susan Erganian Chapman Scholarship 

Since childhood, Anush knew she wanted to study business. Later on, she realized that her choice was primarily driven by the diverse career prospects the business degree offers, the essential skills it imparts for the corporate environment, and the solid groundwork it lays for entrepreneurship and management positions. “AUA stood out to me and was my top preference due to its renowned academic standards, a faculty known for its diversity and international recognition, opportunities to engage in research and internships, and access to a vast global network of alumni and resources.”

As a rising junior, Anush enjoys the academic environment and wide network at AUA, which equips her with skills and provides limitless possibilities in the ever-evolving global job market. Aside from her education at AUA, Anush works at SmartClick as a business development intern responsible for outreach and research. “The AUA curriculum and learning environment have contributed greatly to my professional growth. It provided me with a strong base of analytical and communication skills. AUA’s emphasis on research, data analysis, and critical thinking has helped me approach business development challenges with a strategic mindset and focus on effective communication and negotiation in my interactions with potential clients and internal team members,” remarks Anush.

In the future, she plans to continue her education in entrepreneurship and innovation, but in the meantime, Anush is focused on improving her skills in business development, marketing, and relationship building. She looks forward to embracing technological advancements and innovative approaches to stay ahead of the curve. “As a person who was born and raised in Armenia, I have a deep-rooted passion for my homeland and a strong desire to contribute to its further development. One of my primary goals is to educate and inspire others in Armenia to become more innovative, entrepreneurial, and forward-thinking, to instill in them the mindset and the necessary skills to thrive in a rapidly changing world.”


Karine Vardazaryan (MATEFL ’11)
Akian Family Foundation Scholarship

After graduating from James Buchanan High School in the United States, Karine dreamed of continuing her education in a similar environment with exposure to international experiences, a modern academic setting, and diverse and experienced faculty. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from Yerevan State University and applied to AUA, majoring in MA TEFL. 

“AUA had a big impact on both my personal and professional life. It provided a real-life learning experience and completely changed my mindset, which has been instrumental in shaping my career. I continue to be a part of this diverse and vibrant community as an alumna,” notes Karine. 

As the Head of Excellence Center at Webb Fontaine, Karine is responsible for designing and implementing learning strategies, managing training programs, and helping develop the skills and knowledge of employees. In addition, she is the co-founder of Sourcemind Academy, sponsored by Webb Fontaine, which provides free learning programs on software engineering in Armenia.

“The University's focus on practical learning, technology integration, and enhancement of leadership skills, communication skills, teamwork, and decision-making has helped me profoundly to navigate in the professional world and make meaningful contributions in my field,” remarks Karine. “I am a lifelong learner, and one of my goals is to help Armenia in promoting a learning culture by creating opportunities and encouraging people to embrace lifelong learning as a core value.”

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