Nare Ghalamkaryan (BAEC ’22): The Pursuit of Creativity Through AUA

Nare Ghalamkaryan (BAEC ’22)

AUA Academic Scholarship

Nare Ghalamkaryan is a creative specialist at Zuck Independent Agency. She graduated from the American University of Armenia (AUA) in 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in English and communications. 

Passionate about film and cinematography, Nare initially began her studies at the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography. After one semester, she decided to change direction and applied to AUA. The wide variety of courses offered by the department of English and Communications provided her the opportunity to explore subjects such as filmmaking, writing, literature, and photography, which fortified her passion for arts and creativity. 

“I wanted to become a cinematographer. During my studies at AUA, I took two courses in filmmaking by Zareh Tjeknavorian. His teaching methodology and love for his work inspired me. Although I knew the technical aspects of filmmaking, the courses were invaluable. I created short films during the Covid-19 pandemic and the 44-Day War in Artsakh. The topics ranged from a reflection on my feelings to isolation. Another short film I created was a documentary, which I filmed on an old camcorder,” recalls Nare.

In addition to her love of filmmaking, Nare has a unique voice as a creative writer. As part of her assignment for the Expository Writing course, Nare wrote a piece about her grandfather who passed away when she was thirteen. The narrative essay resembles a conversation between herself and her grandfather, an artist who was her icon. Within the scope of the course, Nare also wrote a story about the village where her grandparents used to live. The piece is a reflection on the summer vacations she used to spend in the village.

When speaking about quality education in Armenia, Nare remarked on the importance of having qualified professors and programs in the arts in Armenia. She believes that the influence of qualified teachers and artists can revolutionize the creative industry in Armenia.

“There are many talented and creative people in Armenia who simply need the platform to explore, learn, and express themselves. I am glad that AUA is taking a step in this direction by constructing the Paruyr Sevak Building for the arts as a new addition to the AUA campus. AUA combines creativity with strong academics. The courses were challenging, but they allowed me to acquire skills which will remain with me for the rest of my life. I look forward to seeing the University’s future accomplishments,” concluded Nare.

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