Edvard Smbatyan, BS in Computer Science ‘23

Hero in Transition Scholarship 

Edvard Smbatyan, from Yerevan, is currently a junior majoring in Computer Science at the American University of Armenia (AUA).

While exploring higher education opportunities, Edvard wanted to pick the best university in Armenia for his undergraduate education. After careful consideration and comparison with other local universities, Edvard decided to start his academic journey with AUA. “I was interested in computers ever since I was a child. Currently, I am trying to focus on my studies to understand which direction of Computer Science I should pursue. Artificial Intelligence is something in which I am very interested. I hope to gain more experience in the field upon graduation.”

After returning from the army in 2020, Edvard found it difficult to continue his education at the same pace as his peers. However, his coursemates and instructors helped him significantly in adjusting to a new environment. “I am grateful to be the recipient of the Hero in Transition Scholarship, as without this valuable support, I would have struggled to continue my education at AUA. It would require me to have a full-time job to cover tuition, which would not allow me to stay focused on my studies. I feel lucky to have this amazing opportunity.”

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