Hasmik Sahakyan, BS in Data Science ‘25

Ani & Gor Mesropian Scholarship 

Hasmik is a first-year student majoring in data science. Aiming to become one of the most qualified specialists in artificial intelligence, Hasmik applied to AUA to learn AI basics through data science. She believes that AUA opens doors to different fields and has a very supportive, respectful community with like-minded people.

“I want to continue my education at AUA within the track of business and bioinformatics. Once I have enough knowledge in computer science and data science, I will apply to the EPIC incubation program and develop my own startup. My long-term goal is to open an organization like TUMO, where children can gain knowledge and skills free of charge. I will do my best to develop the sphere of IT in Armenia, as it has great potential.”

In November 2021, Hasmik had the opportunity to meet the donors of her scholarship at AUA. “The scholarship means more than I can express in words. Strangers, who knew nothing about me, were willing to make an investment by believing in me. Their support will help me achieve my goals and, ultimately, contribute to my country. Meeting them alone made me realize the responsibility I have. I’d love to be able to support a student in the future.”

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