Simon Galstyan, BS in Computer Science ‘25

Ani & Gor Mesropian Scholarship 

Simon moved to Yerevan from Gyumri to begin his educational career at AUA in 2020. Since childhood, he has been interested in computers. He spent his free time learning programming and nurturing his interest in the field. 

Studying at AUA, Simon easily integrated into the academic environment, where course structures and the supportive community motivate him to learn more and to set clear goals for his future career.

“I see myself in Armenia as an engineer or data scientist. One of my biggest motivations is a company called Krisp, which was founded by an AUA alumnus. Their approach to employees and contribution to Armenia really inspire me. I’d love to work for them someday. My long-term goal is to have my own startup.”

In November 2021, Simon had the opportunity to meet the donors of his scholarship at AUA. “Meeting my scholarship donors was very exciting. I’d like to think that I made new friends with whom I can share my future achievements. Their support meant everything to me, without which I would not have been able to pursue my education at AUA. The University has changed my life. I will continue to work hard and gain new experiences in the coming year and will always be grateful for their generosity.” 

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