AUA Students Shine in the Workplace at SADA

Sergey Kirakosyan
BS in Engineering Sciences ‘23

Sergey Kirakosyan is a senior majoring in the BS in Engineering Sciences program at the American University of Armenia (AUA). He chose to pursue higher education at AUA to gain quality knowledge and skills in engineering. Inspired by NASA and SpaceX, Sergey decided to explore the field of engineering, while maintaining his interest in programming.

Currently, Sergey works as a Cloud support engineer, together with his peers from AUA. The entire team works in the role of customer support to identify and resolve any issues that may arise. Sergey notes that his education at AUA provides him with the background knowledge needed to start a career in a company like SADA, where he has gained valuable skills.

“Although I am currently interested in programming, I’d love to deepen my knowledge in engineering and promote the field in Armenia. There are many gaps in the field in Armenia in terms of the knowledge, workforce, facilities, and equipment. 

Awadis Shikoyan
BS in Data Science ‘23
Aurora Gratitude Scholarship recipient

Awadis Shikoyan is a senior majoring in BS in Data Science program at the American University of Armenia (AUA). While visiting AUA during an Open House, Awadis was impressed by the community and the atmosphere at the University. He decided to major in data science, as it involved various choices of direction, including business analytics and bioinformatics. 

After starting his work at SADA, Awadis learned that working on oneself outside of  the University is just as important as excelling in the classroom. He believes that skills like communication and leadership, as well as the knowledge of IT were fundamental concepts he acquired at AUA. 

Upon graduating from the University, Awadis wants to continue developing his career at SADA. His long term goal is to stay in Armenia and apply his knowledge and experience toward developing the country. “I owe it all to my scholarship donors. The scholarship means a lot to me because it allows me to continue growing through the opportunities AUA provides. This is an amazing foundation for many young Armenians to keep on learning despite financial challenges.”

Feliks Markosyan
BS in Computer Science ‘23
Louise Manoogian Simone Scholarship Gala

Feliks Markosyan is a senior majoring in the BS in Computer Science program at the American University of Armenia (AUA). 

From a young age, Feliks was interested in science and technology. After learning about the education system and the networking opportunities AUA provides, he decided to study computer science at AUA. “I am very interested in machine learning and I believe it will be a big part of my future. AUA provides me with soft skills and networking opportunities, which are crucial in my career. I love meeting like-minded people who inspire me to work harder.”

While AUA does not provide specific cloud computing knowledge, Feliks notes that the knowledge he gained at AUA serves as a solid foundation for his career advancement. After completing a master’s degree, he wants to develop the IT sector in Armenia through international influence. “I am very grateful to my donors for their support, without which I wouldn’t have been able to continue my education and achieve the success I have today.”

David Nazlukhanyan
BS in Data Science ‘23

Davit Nazlukhanyan is a senior majoring in the BS in Data Science program at the American University of Armenia (AUA). He chose to study data science to combine his passion for business and computer science. 

While taking courses at AUA, he also developed an interest in coding. “AUA provides project-based learning and networking opportunities, which led me to SADA. I love the atmosphere of the company. I’d like to continue working there and later on pursue a master’s degree at AUA.” After graduation, David wants to use his skills and knowledge to develop the IT sector in Armenia, as well as to contribute to the development of the RA government.

Ashot Arushanyan
BS in Engineering Sciences ‘23
Manoogian Simone Foundation Scholarship recipient

Ashot Arushanyan is from Artsakh. He is a senior student majoring in the BS in Engineering Sciences program at the American University of Armenia (AUA).

When the AUA Admissions team introduced AUA’s undergraduate programs to potential applicants in Stepanakert, Ashot took interest in the newly launched engineering major. “The culture and people of AUA were completely different from what I had experienced before. AUA has a strong academic aspect, which allows me to work at a company like SADA. I believe that entering the IT industry at this stage of my educational journey is highly beneficial for my future.”

Upon graduating from AUA, Ashot wants to pursue a master’s degree in structural engineering and continue working at SADA for his professional development.