About the Campaign

Reinforcing National Security and Sustainability

AUA is driving forward advancement in many disciplines as a leading institution of higher education and a dynamic hub of creativity and innovation. Along with the critical need to develop science and technology, it is also imperative for increased focus to also be directed towards the fields of humanities and social sciences, areas that continue to be at the forefront of the Armenian nation’s existential plight. 

Our students and faculty work hard to learn and teach ideas and values critical to the advancement of Armenian society. With the construction of the new AUA Science & Engineering Building, the Edward & Pamela Avedisian Building housing humanities and social sciences, and the Paruyr Sevak building housing the arts, along with the development of existing curriculum and new academic programs, AUA reinforces the nation’s ability to defend, sustain, and advance itself.

Investing in Science & Technology for People: Imperative for Armenia

As we embark on a journey into the new decade, the need to advance science and engineering education has become higher than ever before, driven by widening societal and educational gaps, and the need for economic stability, and national security. As educators, we must help students prepare for the multitude of composite new challenges imposed on Armenia and the globe. Our new Science and Engineering Building will enable a unique environment of forefront science, technology, engineering, data and computer science for students, educators, and researchers from science and engineering as well as from humanities and social sciences, business and economics, health and environmental sciences.  We have the ripe and timely opportunity to be in the best position to advance didactic and collaborative learning models that incorporate breakthroughs in teaching, research, and co-creation, including:

  • Advancing systems thinking through dynamic Project-Based Learning (PBL) and design thinking models;
  • Adopting competitive multi-coupled industry—academia partnership models (in-house hubs, shared spaces, online and blended working spaces);
  • Assigning designated integration with secondary school and university students to work on projects that stimulate interest in science and technology for people;
  • Keeping pace with new and existing project demands in the marketplace for a highly skilled workforce;
  • Growing partnerships among university, public, and private sectors to advance research and innovation in various fields.


The new AUA Science and Engineering Building will significantly enhance student enrollment in education that embraces rigorous curricula, instruction, and assessment, embedded in scientific inquiry and design thinking. These models and educational strategies will evolve science and technology subjects into a meta-discipline, an integrated pedagogical endeavor that removes traditional learning barriers by focusing on innovation and an applied process of designing innovative solutions to complex problems. Moreover, this investment in ‘Build a Better Future With AUA’ capital campaign will provide the right platform and environment for the active engagement of Diaspora Armenians, industry leaders, and researchers, as well as a large network of scientists and educators, and public stakeholders from Armenia and abroad. Likewise, our incredible community of supporters will identify preferred new niches of support and rekindle their belief in the role of AUA in the fourth decade of the independent Republic of Armenia. 

Integral to the success of our University, the Build a Better Future with AUA capital campaign focuses on strengthening the institution by integrating science and technology with the need to provide solutions toward the backdrop of the rapidly changing landscape taking hold in Armenia. The aim is to construct and furnish a new Science and Engineering Building, comprising forefront laboratories in areas like innovative drone solutions, chemical-mechanical challenges, electrical engineering transformations, machine learning-based innovations, renewable energy efforts, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). With the addition of this research and innovation center, AUA will augment its impact to engineering the future of Armenia by measurably boosting the country’s development potential and bringing the nation closer to prosperity and resilience.

Education at the Akian College of Science & Engineering 

The Zaven and Sonia Akian College of Science and Engineering (CSE) is one of the founding colleges of AUA, offering graduate degree programs in Computer and Information Science (CIS) and Industrial Engineering & Systems Management (IESM), and undergraduate degree programs in Engineering Sciences (ES), Computer Science (CS), and Data Science (DS). The MSCIS program was initiated with the generous support of AUA benefactor Sam Simonian. The degree programs and research areas are steadily growing, and collaborations with complementary academic research areas and multinational companies are becoming increasingly advanced. CSE is currently implementing many new endeavours with widespread impact reaching beyond the walls of campus.

  • Through the STEMGen program, AUA is obtaining funding from the U.S. Mission in Armenia, reaching out to hundreds of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) school educators throughout Armenia, developing teaching and learning resources and designing a common platform for improving instructional design and resource sharing in STEM fields.
  • AUA has advanced research management practices that can significantly improve science and engineering education through exciting opportunities for science and engineering students to do research and deepen their interest in the sciences.


Although these achievements show promise, there are still some critical areas that need to be advanced to raise the University to new heights. AUA does not have teaching or research laboratories for fundamental physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental science. The new building will allow AUA to develop its own laboratories dedicated to teaching, research, and outreach in sciences and engineering.

We are incredibly grateful for the growth and generosity of our donor community and for what we have been able to accomplish together. The results we have achieved to date speak to our strong influence as a first-class institution of higher learning and to the belief that AUA supporters hold in the mission of our University and this new capital campaign.

Together, we will build a better Armenia!