AUA Raised a Generation to Innovate & Inspire 

The American University of Armenia (AUA) is celebrating over 30 years of service in higher education and is looking to the future with a renewed commitment to teaching, research, and outreach aimed at transforming challenges into advantages and finding meaningful solutions that will engineer the future development of Armenia. We stand tall with pride when reflecting on what AUA has achieved since its founding in 1991 and are cognizant of the need to integrate relevant knowledge for future successes. Now is the time to be more adept and resolute than ever in order to enable accelerated progress and innovation where science, technology, engineering, and data science play a transformative role as they connect to humanities, social sciences, and the arts. At this momentous juncture in our history, we are promoting  the ‘Build a Better Future With AUA’ capital campaign to push the University to thrive in its fourth decade.

AUA has initiated groundbreaking efforts for the construction of the new Science and Engineering building, and is now embracing a second capital project — construction of a new Humanities and Social Sciences building, an Arts building, and an atrium to connect them all. The initial capital undertaking was expanded pursuant to magnanimous contributions by the Avedisian and Akian families earmarked for this ambitious endeavor. 

Aligned with the academic disciplines to be housed in these buildings, the revised construction strategy reinforces the functionality of the buildings to better meet the growing enrollment numbers in the associated programs. Expansion of the physical space will enable our ability to appropriately respond to the growing demand for the education AUA delivers.