First Cohort of B.S. in Data Science Graduates at 2022 Commencement Ceremony


One of the highlights of the American University of Armenia’s (AUA) 2022 Commencement Ceremony was the graduation of the first cohort of the Bachelor of Science in Data Science (BSDS) program. Launched in 2018, BSDS is a four-year undergraduate degree offered at the Zaven & Sonia Akian College of Science & Engineering.

This interdisciplinary degree combines the fundamentals of statistical modeling, machine learning, and computational sciences. Students develop skills across several disciplines, acquiring the knowledge and tools necessary to manage massive amounts of data emerging from new realms in business, engineering biotechnology, and other spheres involving big data. The program prepares graduates for positions in a wide range of positions  including data mining, technical marketing and business analytics, bioinformatics and pharmaceutical statistical research, as well as advanced studies in fields such as computer science, engineering, environmental science, and bioscience. 

Below are some thoughts shared by a few recent graduates: 

Naira Khachatryan, B.S. in Data Science ‘22

“Being in the first cohort of the AUA Data Science program makes me feel proud. I am looking forward to excelling in my field, since I am one of the first graduates to enter the job market with a degree in data science in Armenia. I want to motivate the next generations to follow our path and grow the data science community in Armenia.  

AUA gave me ample chances to build a network, participate in productive events, and meet professionals in the field. It allowed me to discover the world of data science and get my first job in the field.”




Tatevik Jalatyan, B.S. in Data Science ‘22

“It feels special to be one of the first graduates of the AUA B.S. in Data Science program. It is always a risk to be in the first cohort of a newly launched program, but being familiar with the reputation of AUA, I knew that it would be an amazing learning experience, and it truly was! I gained a quality education in my desired field and am currently working at the Armenian Bioinformatics Institute.”






Davit Martirosyan, B.S. in Data Science ‘22

“AUA has given me the theoretical tools necessary to become a professional in my field. It enabled me to handle a large variety of data science-related projects. I’ve also developed soft skills such as public speaking and teamwork through the relatively high volume of group projects I’ve completed throughout my studies.

It feels exciting to be in the first cohort of Data Science students graduating this year! I’m looking forward to the opportunity to contribute to the continued advancement of the B.S. in Data Science program.Having completed the bachelor’s degree, I intend to continue my studies for a master’s in statistics and data science. I believe the specialized in-depth knowledge I gain will enable me to apply what I’ve learned across different industries in Armenia.”



Susanna Avagyan, B.S. in Data Science ‘22

“I am one of the first graduates of the AUA B.S. in Data Science program. It feels powerful and implies great responsibility. This means we are part of a generation that has the skills and knowledge to transform our country into a powerhouse of global, technological, and scientific advancements, and we have been entrusted with the task of realizing the potential we hold.

I am planning to continue scientific research at the Armenian Bioinformatics Institute. I am also working at a biotech company currently developing a personalized cancer diagnostics pipeline, and I wish to continue to work in the field of personalized medicine. I see myself making an impact in Armenia’s healthcare system through large- and small-scale projects that will integrate modern advances of science and technology into the field.”




Lia Harutyunyan, B.S. in Data Science ‘22

“As one of the first students to graduate from the B.S. in Data Science program at AUA, I feel both excited and overwhelmed. It is a great responsibility to be in the first cohort, as we must represent the program in the best possible way.

AUA helped me gain a number of skills and empowered me in starting my first job at Siemens. I see Armenia among the top three countries at the forefront of IT advancement. I aim to have an impact on the country by establishing my own company that would increase local work opportunities. I intend to complete a master’s degree in Computer and Information Science at AUA, while gaining more experience at Siemens.”






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