Lusine Sargsyan, ME in Industrial Engineering & Systems Management ‘16

Scholarship from the RA Ministry of Education and Science

Lusine Sargsyan graduated from the American University of Armenia (AUA) in 2016 with a degree in industrial engineering and systems management. 

During an open house at AUA, Lusine learned about the ME in Industrial Engineering and Systems Management program and the different career perspectives it provides. The program contained some courses in data science, which caught her attention. 

Lusine is the president of the Armenian branch of, which is an American-based company outsourcing machine learning and engineering projects for a wide range of businesses, as well as developing its own product in data science and artificial intelligence. Currently, Lusine leads a team of 20 data scientists and 10 computer scientists. “I owe my success to AUA, as it provided me with the technical and leadership skills I needed to succeed. After obtaining a leadership role, I recruited many professionals from AUA. In comparison to other universities, AUA students and alumni are more practical and flexible, especially when it comes to soft skills and practice-based learning,” she says.

In addition to her role at, Lusine is also in the organizing committee of PyData, an educational program providing a forum to share ideas among the international community of developers and users of data analysis tools. “Whenever I start a job, I always think about how it is going to impact Armenia. In, we prioritize education to ensure that we hire and retain qualified professionals. We also introduce projects from all over the world and provide job opportunities with competitive salaries. Our company has a corporate social responsibility program, which impacts education and culture through different projects. In addition, we will be granting two scholarships to AUA students for the upcoming year in celebration of AUA’s 30th anniversary. Right now, we are involved in projects in the insurance sector and the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, so we do everything possible to positively impact different sectors in Armenia.”


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