UC Berkeley Alumna Inspired to Help Strengthen Science & Engineering Education in Armenia Through AUA


Yuliya Mirzoyan is a staunch supporter of the American University of Armenia (AUA). As an alumna of the University of California (UC), she believes the AUA-UC partnership creates favorable opportunities and advantages for students in Armenia. 

Born to Armenian parents in Baku, Mirzoyan emigrated to the United States when she was ten. She graduated from UC Berkeley in 2002 and has been working as an attorney since 2007, primarily focusing on labor and employment matters. 

Learning about AUA’s affiliation with her alma mater, Mirzoyan became interested in supporting AUA in its pursuit of education and student advancement. She now belongs to the new generation of visionary philanthropists who are committed to supporting the University in its sustained growth, especially in its focused attention to enhancing science and engineering education. Like others in her circle of remarkable patrons, Mirzoyan trusts that AUA will continue to provide the quality education necessary for securing the prosperity of Armenia. 

Commenting on her decision to support the ‘Build a Better Future with AUA’ capital campaign, she observed, “To me, thinking positively doesn’t mean seeing things through rose-colored glasses. I think it is obvious that Armenia needs to pull through these current difficult conditions and in that process, there is much that can be done both locally and around the diaspora to effect real improvements in the lives of the people in Armenia. One way is by developing a meritocratic and accountable educational system that will produce generations of people who are successful in the workplace and society at large.”

Mirzoyan is confident that AUA and the emerging generations of graduates will assume responsibility for the development of the country through creative leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship that will guide, produce, and anchor continuous advancement for Armenia.