Narot Kars Karapetian, MS in Computer and Information Sciences ‘23

Dr. Varoujan A. Chalian Endowed Scholarship

Narot Kars Karapetian moved from Syria to Armenia nine years ago. She graduated from Yerevan State University (YSU) in 2021, and applied to AUA to enhance her knowledge of IT through the Computer and Information Science (CIS) program.

“AUA is a completely different environment, where practice-based learning and networking are encouraged and available. Although I have been here for only six months, I believe that I have already gained valuable skills, which I apply to my work at ArmSoft as a software engineer,” says Narot.

The decision to pursue a master’s degree at AUA was a firm goal for Narot to explore core subjects in computer science and data science. She believes that both directions have great potential, which can help her make an impact on people’s lives. Her goal is to support people with disabilities through her knowledge and skills in IT.

“I am very grateful to my scholarship donors for giving me a unique opportunity to receive quality education”

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