Alissa Jouljian, BS in Computer Science ‘24

Elizabeth Lily Manoukian Memorial Scholarship

Alissa Jouljian is from Syria. Currently, she is a second-year student majoring in computer science at AUA. As a student at AUA, she is fascinated by the educational system, resources and the broad subjects the University provides, helping her evolve in different fields.

“I love challenges, so the field of computer science seemed like the best fit for me. Education in Armenia is of higher quality compared to Syria, and I am glad that I am exactly where I had to be — in my homeland.”

After gaining knowledge and experience, Alissa aims to open her own IT company in the future and develop applications, which will be useful and impactful for the further development of Armenia.

“I’d like to express my gratitude to my donors, to the family of Elizabeth Manoukian, for giving me the opportunity to study at AUA. Their contribution lightened the burden from my family, in particular my father, who still works in Syria to support us.”


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