Narek Okroyan, BS in Computer Science ‘23

Narek Okroyan has been interested in computer science since middle school. He attended the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, where he learned about the CS field. Simultaneously, he was involved in the Engineering Club at his high school, where he grew more curious about the subject and decided to continue his education in computer science at AUA. 

“I very much appreciate the community we have here at AUA, as well as the resources it provides to us. We have everything necessary to receive a quality education,” notes Narek.

Aside from studying at AUA, Narek is also employed at Flux Technologies as a backend developer. He remarks that the education at AUA gave him the basic knowledge and skills to be recruited by an established company, and begin his career, which is very relevant to his current courses. 

“IT has a huge impact on our country’s economy. Armenia doesn’t have natural resources, which makes us work much harder to make an impact through our efforts in the field. I believe that more companies will be founded in the future, and I hope to establish one of my own to play a role in this important mission.”

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