Astghik Arakelyan, BS in Engineering Sciences ‘24

AUA Academic Scholarship

Astghik is a second-year student majoring in Engineering Sciences at AUA. She finds engineering fascinating, as it combines different fields and gives her an opportunity to explore different areas and enlarge her network.

“AUA is exactly what I envisioned when I applied for admission to this University. We dig deep into different subjects and spend a lot of time in labs. I am an intern at Instigate, where I am being trained and gaining in-depth knowledge for my future career,” says Astghik.

Astghik intends to continue her education with a focus on aeronautical engineering. She believes that we need more professionals in this field in Armenia. “I really hope to finish my future graduate studies in aeronautical engineering and work with companies that combine military to aeronautical engineering. I also want to create a startup to advance this field in our homeland.”


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